I need to think trough the use of the heroes in Legend of Konlateus better… as is now some of them overlap a bit to much and I have no idea what captain Hannas class (Privateer) is even about. My rough idea right now is something along the lines of:

-Hanna Solonman, Privateer; leadership and gunslinging. Abilities and skills that boost allies, minor healing, and crippling enemies with potshots.

-Albrecht Stålpanna, Star marine; defender and heavy hitter. Has abilities that allows them to take hits for other characters, snag enemy attention, and cleave trough enemy ranks.

-Åsdis Mästardottir, Engineer; supporter character with some peculiar special attacks, boosts allies shields and upgrades their weaponry, can juryrig tools and weapons on the fly.

-Ernest Rollings, Navigator; the quintessential blackmage. Throwing lightning, fireballs and the likes left and right, strong elemental attacks but frail as a twig.

-MARK VII, Heavy support; area attacks and armour defeating attacks, can pull out armour cracking rocket launchers or lay down mob-slaying minigun bursts.

-Aadarsh Surpli, Healer; healing powers both psionic and mundane, some telepathic powers that can confuse and bedazzle foes.

-Hiamler Vredet, Paladin (assassin); uses garrotes, knives and dirks to harm his foes. Relies on devastating physical attacks, high crit chance, debilitating and slowing attacks.

so… I feel like some of them kind of steal each others “roles”. What is the mechanical difference between a handgrenade and a fireball? How can I make leadership related buffs different from engineering ones? And at least three of the characters work with debuffs of some kind (Hannas crippling shots, MARKs armour defeating weaponry, Hiamlers mutilating stabs) but how do I keep them different?